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Consulting Firm Insurance Information

What is personal umbrella insurance?

Home and auto insurance is an important step in your financial planning and a great way to protect your family’s assets. But, it is not without limitations. You can choose the amount of coverage you wish to own. But, these personal insurance policies will only cover up to a certain dollar amount. For coverage beyond those limitations, you will need umbrella insurance.

What are the benefits of personal umbrella insurance?

Your business is an investment of the utmost importance. You need to protect what matters most to you. From core coverage to coverage that is specific to your business’ needs, our agency provides industry-specific insurance options aimed at consulting firms.

Avoid potential financial setbacks that can occur if your business is not properly covered. Here are some of the insurance options our agency provides to consulting firms:

Professional liability
Umbrella coverage
General liability
Property insurance
And much more

Contact a representative at our agency to build an insurance package that suits your business.